This map is for Minecraft 1.19.2 and won't work on newer versions

Noob VS Pro - Battle of the Bush

Some time ago, 2 noobs were living here, but one day one of them found a dead bush. The second noob decided to steal his plant, and in order not to lose it, he built a lot of difficult traps. Noob Vs Pro - Battle Of The Bush is a puzzle-unfair map, which consists of getting into the noob's house and recovering a dead bush. However, this is not so simple, because various obstacles are hidden at every step. Help the noob regain his property and show that you are a real Pro gamer! The map contains many unusual mechanics for maps of this type, such as dubbing, 7 levels with different traps, a few-stage boss fight, a special speedrun mode and much more. Have fun and good luck!

Version: Java 1.19.2Type: Puzzle/UnfairPlayers: 1+

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